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Mortgage Payment Table

This calculator will generate a table showing how your monthly mortgage payment depends on the loan amount and interest rate.

Loan Amount (min) $
Loan Amount (max) $
Interest Rate (min) %
Interest Rate (max) %
Loan Length years


Calculator Help

This calculator generates a table showing the monthly mortgage payment for a loan with different combinations of interest rate [?] and principal amount [?]. The calculated number represents monthly payment on a fully amortized [?] loan.

To find the mortgage payment for a particular combination of interest and principal, look up the interest rate in the top row and the principal amount in the left column and find the corresponding number in the table.

Typically, if your loan-to-value (LTV) [?] is more than 80%, the lenders will require that you obtain private mortgage insurance (PMI) [?], however this calculator does not account for PMI. The reason is that today many lenders offer alternatives programs like 80:10:10 [?] or 80:20 [?] which do not require you to pay PMI.

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